Email Pearce Now

Take action now and send an email to Russell Pearce and the entire legislature.  They need to hear from you today!  Let them know that you did not vote for nor do you support the appointment of Senator Pearce as President of the Senate or his legislative agenda that does not focus on jobs, education and healthcare.

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  • Dear Senate President Russell Pearce,

    As a member of Citizens for a Better Arizona, I write to express my support of the effort to recall you as President of the Senate and as a Senator from District 18. Despite only receiving 17,552 votes in District 18, as Senate President, you now work on behalf of over 6 million Arizonans. I did not elect you to be President of the Senate and I believe Arizona would benefit from having a Senate President who can bring people together to focus on jobs, education and healthcare.

    Your decision to continue to support legislation that ignores the most important issues we now face has caused me to take this action. I have no confidence in you as Senate President or your ability to move a legislative agenda that truly reflects the values, beliefs and dreams of most Arizonans.