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Lawsuit Against Us Dismissed!

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Arizona state senator recall election can go forward, judge rules

August 12, 2011, CNN–An Arizona judge ruled Friday that a special election to recall state Senate President Russell Pearce, the primary sponsor behind a controversial anti-illegal immigration law that a federal ... Read More

Mesa minister Cattey drops out of Pearce recall election

August 12, 2011, The Arizona Republic–Tommy Cattey, the 62-year-old audiologist and retired minister who was the first to announce his candidacy in the recall election against Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, ... Read More

Video: Battle to oust AZ state senator

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Russell Pearce and the Fake Jerry Lewis Twitter Account

August 9, 2011, Phoenix New Times–The product of some right-wing wag or the latest example of dirty pool from the camp of state Senator Russell Pearce? I’ll opt for a ... Read More

Russell Pearce Legal Challenge Argued Before Judge Hugh HegyiA

August 8, 2011, Phoenix New Times–State Senate President Russell Pearce was a no-show today to the hearing that could, hypothetically, save his hide in the upcoming November 8 recall election in Legislative ... Read More

Judge hears arguments in Pearce recall cha

August 8, 2011, East Valley Tribune–An attorney for those seeking to oust Senate President Russell Pearce asked a judge Monday to let the scheduled Nov. 8 recall election go forward. Tom Ryan ... Read More

Pearce, Lewis offer Mesa voters two distinct option

August 4, 2011, East Valley Tribune– don’t know how many other people got a Facebook message from Jerry Lewis, a candidate for the state Senate from Mesa’s Legislative District 18 that ... Read More

Russell Pearce’s Mystery “Challenger” Olivia Cortes Speaks, Kinda-Sorta

August 4, 2011, Phoenix New Times–Who is Olivia Cortes, and why has she filed to run in the November 8 recall race against state Senate President Russell Pearce in Legislative District 18? Over ... Read More

Russell Pearce’s Recall Downfall May Come in the Form of Jerry Lewis, One of LD18′s Good Guys

August 4, 2011, Phoenix New Times–They came out in droves in the triple-digit heat to help the man who would topple the most powerful politician in Arizona. Republican Jerry Lewis, the ... Read More