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Russell Pearce and Sonoran News Slammed by Recall Group

June 29, 2011, Phoenix New Times –In his June 22 editorial on the effort to recall state Senate President Russell Pearce, Don Sorchych, publisher and editor of the right-wing Cave Creek pub Sonoran News, erroneously referred to Mesa resident and petition-signer Benita Lantigua as “a Mexican woman,” who is “likely an illegal.”Today, Lantigua showed up to [...]

Russell Pearce’s Supporters’ Claims of “Massive Voter Registration Fraud” Contradicted by Elections Officials (w/Update)

June 27, 2011, Phoenix New Times– As of Monday morning, Maricopa County Elections Director Karen Osborne said the county had validated 10,356 signatures from petitions seeking the recall of state Senate President Russell Pearce. That’s 2,600 more than the 7,756 signatures required by statute from Pearce’s Legislative District 18. But if a recall election is now [...]

Fiesta Bowl to 31 politicians: We want our money back

June 28, 2011, The Arizona Republic– The bowl, which is working with the Internal Revenue Service to keep its non-profit status, is asking 31 politicians to reimburse more than $154,000. The bowl late last week sent each politician an invoice informing them of the money it would like repaid. The largest bill – $37,930 – [...]

Sen. Russell Pearce Cheers Demise of Matching Funds for Clean Elections, Even Though He Took the Maximum Amount in 2008 Campaign

June 27, 2011, Tucson Weekly–“The U.S. Supreme Court this morning ruled the matching funds provision of Arizona’s taxpayer-funded campaign finance system unconstitutional. This is a victory for Arizona and a victory for free speech. The Court rightly found that matching funds illegally discourages private candidates from raising and spending cash in elections. Read More Tweet

Recall elections surge in local and state governments

June 22, 2011, Los Angeles Times–In Arizona, Pearce has long stirred strong reactions for his tough stance on illegal immigration. Admirers call him a principled patriot for sponsoring popular laws like SB 1070, which pushes police to do more to stem illegal immigration and is being challenged in court by the Obama administration. Critics contend [...]

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