Recall Process

•CITIZENS: “Russell Pearce is  not representing our best interests, he is unresponsive and incompetent.”

•ORGANIZE: 1. Form Political Committee (Citizens for a Better Arizona) to recall Russell Pearce

•FILE RECALL PETITION on January 10, 2011: Marks Day 1 of 120 Day Signature Gathering Period.

•PUBLICIZE: 1. Make 120 Day Petitioning Plan 2. Collaborate for Volunteer Effort 3. Fundraise for sustainability of Effort.

•DAYS 1-120: 1. Gather Petition Signatures of District 18, Mesa Citizens, 25% of Votes Cast in Last Election = 7,756, plus safety margin. 2. Must be collected by any US citizen aged 18+  and eligible to vote in Arizona 3. Petition Forms must be up to code, notarized by circulator. 4. Submit Petitions to Secretary of State on Day 120 (May 31, 2011).

Signature Validation Phase:

* Secretary of State reviews petitions and refers to County Recorder

* Recorder reviews signatures and returns to Secretary of State

*  Secretary of State verifies total signatures and whether recall qualifies

*  Secretary of State gives written notice to State Senate President Russell Pearce that he is being recalled

*  State Senate President Russell Pearce can resign

*  State Senate President can Challenge Recall

* Governor Brewer set Special Recall Election for November 8, 2011