Pearce Faces Recall

It’s Official…10,365 valid signatures (we only needed 7,756 to recall Pearce)!  The commitment and sacrifice of countless volunteers and contributors have made this moment possible.  After hearing all of the rhetoric about Senator Pearce being invincible, untouchable and the most powerful politician in Arizona, voters in LD 18 have taken the first steps towards FIRING Senate President Pearce.  Now more than ever we need your support. Please contribute $25 today!
We all have our limits and Senator Pearce’s behavior has clearly demonstrated that he is indeed too extreme for Mesa and Arizona.  At no time throughout the history of Arizona and the United States of America, has any Senate President been recalled…until now.  This grassroots campaign to change the course of politics in Arizona continues to inspire and motivate hundreds of people to take a stand against the damaging policies of Senator Pearce.  Please contribute today!

Now that we have completed this phase of the recall, we are gearing up for a door-to-door campaign in the fall.  To be successful in November we need to expand our base of support and encourage hundreds of volunteers to get active, stay engaged and help us carry our message of unity, civility and decency to all those who signed our petition to recall Pearce.  Thank you again for your continued support!