Building Momentum

Over the past couple of months people have been meeting in Mesa and other parts of Arizona to develop a strategy to hold Senator Russell Pearce accountable. Out of those discussions came the idea of creating Citizens for a Better Arizona to bring together people from all walks of life with the same committed goal of  making sure State Senate President Russell Pearce focused on issues that most Arizonans care about.

Strategies have been planned and implemented with our “Hold Russell Pearce Accountable” campaign, including our January 10th event at the capitol, our January 15th District 18 Door-to-door canvass and our January 22nd town hall meeting in District 18.  Over the past 21 days Senate President Pearce has not focused on the issues most Arizonans care about and has allowed all sorts of bills to be introduced that have no positive impact on jobs, the budget crisis, education or healthcare.  Because so many people have expressed their willingness to donate their time, money and effort to actually recall Senator Pearce, Citizens for a Better Arizona moved from being an informal coalition to formally establishing itself as a political recall committee with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office on Friday, January 28, 20011.

We urge everyone who has a true commitment to removing Russell Pearce from office to be part of our diverse and non-partisan coalition. Together we can succeed!

On Monday, January 31, 2011 at 12:00 noon respresentatives of Citizens for a Better Arizona will officially file the petition to recall Senate President Russell Pearce.  Other members of the group will file a similar petition to support the recall effort in Tucson, Nogales and Yuma.   Stay tuned for more information on how to assist with the overall recall effort.


Citizens for a Better Arizona