Accountability for AZ

On January 10th 2011, Citizens for a Better Arizona served Sen. Russell Pearce with a 21 Day Notice that clearly stated that his extreme legislative agenda will not be tolerated by Arizonans.  We met on the Senate lawn on the first day of Arizona’s new Legislative session in order to send a clear message: We will hold Sen. Russell Pearce accountable for his actions.

Here is the text of the 21 Day Notice that we delivered to Sen. Russell Pearce:

Whereas Senate President Russell Pearce is the most powerful man in Arizona with a veto proof majority in the Senate and a Governor who he claims he got elected willing to support his agenda;

Whereas Senate President Russell Pearce only received 17,552 votes and now as President of the Senate works on behalf of over 6 million Arizonans who depend on government for a whole range of services – from healthcare to education to employment;

Whereas Arizona faces a $2 billion budget crisis, record foreclosures and limited job growth;

Whereas the Arizona legislature over the past decade has paid out over $3 billion in tax exemptions to corporations and other entities;

Whereas Senator Russell Pearce has a history of taking positions contrary to the voters of Arizona and his own district, such as his position against Proposition 100, the 1% sales tax initiative and his position for Proposition 302, an initiative that would have taken over $400 million out of early childhood development programs;

Whereas Senator Russell Pearce has used divisive issues that have created an atmosphere of fear and mistrust, led to numerous challenges in court, millions of dollars of legal fees and over $600 million dollars in loss revenue to the State of Arizona from canceled conventions and other business and government contracts;

Therefore be it resolved that we, Citizens for a Better Arizona, request that Senate President Russell Pearce in his new position as President of the Senate focus on issues and concerns that will unite all Arizonans – issues like education, healthcare and job creation.

Be it further resolved that, we, Citizens for A Better Arizona, pledge to hold Senate President Russell Pearce accountable and today serve upon Senate President Russell Pearce this 21 Day Notice to provide Senate President Russell Pearce an opportunity to pursue an agenda that serves the interests of all Arizonans instead of focusing on issues that will inevitably lead to further divisions among various communities throughout Arizona.

Finally be it resolved that we, Citizens for A Better Arizona, will reconvene here at the Capitol, on Monday, January 31, 2011, to evaluate Senate President Russell Pearce’s performance and take appropriate action at that time.