21-Day Notice Expires Today

Citizens Across the State File Petition to Recall Senate President Russell Pearce

Phoenix, AZ – Today a new coalition of citizens committed to changing the direction of Arizona will file a recall petition of Senate President Russell Pearce at the Secretary of State’s Office.  Similar events will also occur in Tucson, Yuma and Nogales to demonstrate statewide support for the recall of Senator Pearce.

On January 10th we served Senate President Pearce a 21-day notice asking he focus on the most important issues affecting Arizonans – budget crisis, jobs, public education and healthcare.  Instead he has chosen to sponsor bills that provide guns for professors, limit tribal sovereignty, reduce funding for clean elections, outsource airport contractors, privatize state parks and other bills calling for changes to the United States Constitution.

Speakers will include residents from District 18, educators, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, members of the LDS Church and other religious denominations.



Phoenix, AZ: Capitol – Main Courtyard between House and Senate Delegation to Secretary of State’s Office to submit recall petition

Yuma, AZ: Yuma County Recorder’s Office, 410 S Maiden Lane #B

Delegation to Recorder’s Office submit recall petition

Nogales, AZ: Santa Cruz County Recorder’s Office, 2150 N Congress

Delegation to Recorder’s Office to submit recall petition


Tucson, AZ: Secretary of State’s Office, 400 W Congress Street

Delegation to Secretary of State’s Office to submit recall petition

CONTACT:   Phoenix Office – (480) 748-8991